19MM Acetylene Gouging Nozzles - A-GNM (1212)

19MM Acetylene Gouging Nozzles - A-GNM (1212)
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Brand: Zoro Select
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AGNM nozzles employ the nozzle mix principle for gouging. In application the nozzle cuts a “U” shaped groove in the plate. The most common use is to “back gouge” butt welds to remove any defects prior to laying the final sealing run. They also find application in the removal of defective welds or flaws in steel plates. The use of oxy-acetylene allows for high speed cost effective production. There are 3 models in the range each providing a “U” groove of different dimensions.Fully compatible with most heavy duty welding shanks and blowpipes. Including 1144, 1143, 2010, Saffire type 5, 4, 3, NM250, NM400, Citogas HDT200, NMC200. Size 13 suitable for Saffire 4 and 3 only.