3.38MM HSS S/S Intermediate Machine Reamer

3.38MM HSS S/S Intermediate Machine Reamer
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Brand: Zoro Select
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Available in diameters in increments of 0.01mm. Flute lengths and overall dimensions generally in line with British Standards. Shank diameter cutting diameter - 0.025mm. On the cutting diameter of standard reamers the diameter across the circular lands immediately behind the bevel or taper lead. The tolerance is in accordance with DIN 1420 and is intended to produce H7 holes.Tolerance (to H7)up to 3mm 0.006mm - 0.0000mm3 to 6mm 0.0012mm - 0.0000mm6 to 10mm 0.0015mm - 0.0000mm10 to 12mm 0.0018mm - 0.0000mm