3/8"X5/8"X18" Ground Flat Stock

3/8"X5/8"X18" Ground Flat Stock
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Brand: Zoro Select
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A medium alloyed oil hardening steel with excellent cutting force and toughness, excellent dimensional stability. Supplied in the annealed condition, precision tolerances provides toolmakers with a decarburization free surface, plus a high wear resistance after heat treatment, ideal for a multitude of applications: dies, press tools, punches, gauges, cams machine cutters and marking devices. Line ground all edges up to and including 2" wide in the thicknesses up to and including 1/4". All other dimensions are rotary ground on edges. All edges and ends are deburred thicknesses of 3/8" and above will be supplied with sawn ends, thinner sections are supplied with sheared ends. A.I.S.I. O1 GFS - Chemical analysis Carbon (C) 0.95% Silicon (Si) 0.25%Manganese (Mn) 1.20%Chromium (Cr) 0.50%Tungsten (W) 0.50%Vanadium (Va) 0.20%S&P up to 0.035% maximum.Equivalent specifications:AISI: O1, Werk. No: 1.2510, AFNOR: 95 mcwv5, British Spec.: BS4659 BO1.Inch.TolerancesThickness: +/-0.001", Width: +0.005"/-nil, Length: Nominal.