Brother BDL-7J000102-058 White Non-adhesive printer label

Brother BDL-7J000102-058 White Non-adhesive printer label
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Brand: Brother
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The BDL-7J000102-058 continuous receipt roll, measuring 101.6mm in width, has been Certified by Brother International Europe. Each purchase contains 20 rolls per order. Direct thermal receipt printing The Brother BDL-7J000102-058 direct thermal paper roll is here to meet your receipt printing needs, with no need for ink or toner. The 101.6mm wide receipt roll is ideal for a range of printing applications in public safety and field workforce. With the thermal receipt roll, you can print logos, barcodes and text with ease on your compatible Brother receipt printer. By choosing a Certified by Brother International Europe receipt roll, you’ll ensure that your thermal receipt printer continues to work at its best, printing high quality receipts time after time.