Brother TZE-S211 P-Touch Ribbon, 6mm x 8m

Brother TZE-S211 P-Touch Ribbon, 6mm x 8m
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Brand: Brother
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P-touch Strong Adhesive Tapes: In many fields of industry you don’t always have the luxury of working with perfectly smooth, flat surfaces that provide your label with maximum adhesive contact. Often the surfaces you are labelling are textured, rough or uneven, which means that your label is only adhering to “points” of the surface. So the actual adhesive strength of labels that work well on smooth surfaces is greatly reduced, sometimes by as much as half. To compensate for this effect, our Strong Adhesive tapes are made with a more pliable adhesive that instantly fills recessed surfaces, making more surface area contact than our standard tapes. This is the secret of how our Strong Adhesive tapes can provide up to twice the adhesive strength for those difficult to stick to surfaces. P-touch TZ Labels Tested to the Extreme: Extensive testing has been performed to ensure…