Canon 1569B008AA printing paper

Canon 1569B008AA printing paper
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Brand: Canon
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Standard Paper, 80g/m2 This high quality base paper is specially developed for use in the CAD and GIS environment. The optimal drying of the media offers the possibility for maximal production. It is the economical choice for the everyday monochrome line work and area fills. Features: Dye ink compatible, quick drying, sharp lines, smear resistant. Applications: CAD, GIS. Printing For optimum results select the best possible print settings. Ink saturation limits can vary due to the ink drop volume and the environmental humidity. Ink saturation levels should be optimized for specific printer, ink and software combinations. Too much ink will cause paper cockle and possible head strike. Longer ink drying times will occur in higher humidity environments. Lamination Hot or cold laminating is possible, although cold laminates are preferred because of the better adhesion. Images must be…