Canon MP1411-LTSC calculator Desktop Printing Silver

Canon MP1411-LTSC calculator Desktop Printing Silver
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Brand: Canon
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High speed, high quality, 2-colour printing Professional office users will welcome the productive performance of this heavy duty calculator. Benefit from a fast print speed of 4.3 lines per second. 2-colour printing ensures positive figures stand out clearly in black and negative in red. Tax, business and currency conversion functions Simplify complex calculations and save time. Determine tax rate differentials at touch, thanks to two handy tax calculation keys. Work out your profit margins automatically with cost-sell-margin keys, without the need for complex formulae. Also convert local currency into the currency of your choice, or vice versa, quickly and simply - using the currency conversion keys. Full functionality Take advantage of fast and accurate cash change calculations and constant calculations. The ‘command sign’ feature displays the calculator status…