Canon TX-1210E calculator Desktop Display Lilac

Canon TX-1210E calculator Desktop Display Lilac
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Brand: Canon
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The TX-1210E is a 12-digit desktop dispay calculator, with a large upright angled display. It has a stable stroke keyboard, Euro Currency Conversion and Tax Calculation function. - Euro Currency Conversion (Euro-Local). - Tax Calculation (TAX+, TAX-). - Slant, largel professional stable stroke keyboard like PC ketboard for easy operation. - Large and durable plastic keytops with large key mark printing. Desk display calculator TX-1210E Large upright angled displayKey roll over function for fast and accurate entryDecimal Point slide switch (+ 4 3 2 0 F)Round-up/off/down (5/4)Mark-up/down calculationShift key (=>)Sign change +-GT memory"0" and “00” keys.