CFW11 2.2KW Variable Speed Drive IP55

CFW11 2.2KW Variable Speed Drive IP55
Brand: Weg
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The WEG CFW series is intended for speed control of three-phase induction motors.CFW-11The CFW11 is a system drive designed for the control of squirrel cage induction motors. It can be used in a wide range of applications, since it is designed for running on either normal or heavy duty loads. Developed based on Plug-and-Play philosophy (connect and use) allowing simple and fast installation of the VSD and its accessories. Standard Features: 1.5 to 400kW. 380 - 480V.Plug and Play philosophy (connect and use) permits quick and easy installation of accessories and optional Man-machine interface (HMI) with backlight graphic display and soft-keys, greatly facilitates variable speed drive programming and operation. DC link inductors (symmetrically connected to positive and negative DC link terminals) enable compliance with IEC61000+-3-12 standard requirements regarding harmonics (no need for external line reactance). Intelligent thermal management permits full protection of IGBTs, monitoring of heatsink and internal air temperature. Automatic control of the heatsink fan, with speed sensor (additional protection) and easily detachable from the product for cleaning and maintenance. Normal and Heavy Duty ratings to adapt optimally to all kinds of load. Protection with fault and alarm warnings. Motor overload protection in compliance with IEC 60947-4-2/UL 508 C. Oriented start-up facilities initial user programming. Real time clock. TRACE/SCOPE function to assist with the start-up and problems diagnosis. Built-in Dynamic Brake Chopper (up to size E), for Size F & G Use DBW03 Module.Applications: extruders, centrifuges, winders, paper machines, overhead cranes, press feeders, pumps, fans, conveyors.CFW11 Variable Speed Drives IP54