ECO BETS050166 toner cartridge Black 1 pc(s)

ECO BETS050166 toner cartridge Black 1 pc(s)
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Brand: ECO
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If you’re looking for a product range to meet the ever increasing demand for remanufactured toners where low cost is a priority, then Eco fits the bill. Eco has been designed to offer a low cost remanufactured product but with an eye still on performance and quality. Eco has a simple two year warranty and significant savings over the OEM equivalent. What is a remanufactured toner cartridge? There are two primary methods of producing a recycled cartridge. 1. Drill and Fill - The hole is drilled into the toner hopper and then new toner is added. Finally the hole is sealed and the cartridge is “ready” to be sold. 2. Remanufacture - The cartridge is disassembled and cleaned. The various components are inspected and worn or damaged parts are replaced. The cartridge is then reassembled and filled with new toner. Finally, each remanufactured cartridge is tested to…