Epson C43S015374 (ERC-38-B) Nylon black

Epson C43S015374 (ERC-38-B) Nylon black
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Brand: Epson
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Comprising of a continuous loop of high strength fabric ribbon, the genuine EPSON ERC ribbon ensures trouble free operation of EPSON’s range of EPOS terminals and mini-printers. This is a genuine mini printer fabric ribbon for Epson TM-300A, TM-300B, TM-300C, TM-300D, TM-U210A, TM-U210B and TM-U210D.Compatible Printers: Epson M 188 D, Epson M 188 A, Epson M 188 B, Epson TM-U 220 PB, Epson TM-U 220 B, Epson TM-U 220 D, Epson TM 375, Epson TM 270, Epson TM 300 D, Epson TM-U 210 B, Epson TM-U 300 A, Epson TM-U 230, Samsung SRP 270 Series, Epson TM-U 370 Series, Epson TM-U 300 Series, Epson TM-U 300, Epson TM-U 200 Series, Epson TM-U 300 B, Epson TM-U 200 A, Bull 4419, Epson TM-U 200, Epson TM-U 220 A, Epson TM-U 210 D, Samsung SRP 270, Epson ERC 34, Epson TM-U 325, Epson TM 300 PD, Epson TM 3000, Epson ERC 38, Epson TM-U 210 A, Epson TM 300 Series, Epson M 262 A, Epson TM 300 A,…