Hewlett Packard Enterprise JZ376AAE network management software

Hewlett Packard Enterprise JZ376AAE network management software
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Brand: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Work environments are transforming to digital workplaces, with billions of mobile workers using their mobile devices for business critical services. Mobility, IoT and business critical applications are enabling these workers to be more productive and efficient, but at the same time driving up the demands on the network. To enable an always-on network with the desired performance and user experience, enterprises must deliver an intelligent WLAN with advanced technologies to be more predictive, enable always-on connectivity, and improve network efficiency. The Aruba Mobility Master Controller is the next generation of master controller that can be either deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or installed on an x86-based hardware appliance. The Mobility Master provides better user experience, flexible deployment, simplified operations and enhanced performance. Features The Aruba…