Hewlett Packard Enterprise SN6630C Managed None 2U Grey

Hewlett Packard Enterprise SN6630C Managed None 2U Grey
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Brand: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Are you looking to modernize your storage network? The all-flash data center and emerging NVMe storage requires a modern storage network that can keep up with pace of innovation seen with compute and storage resources. The HPE C-series SN6630C 96-port 32Gb Fibre Channel (FC) Switch is the next generation 96-port 2-rack unit FC switch that provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity in the SAN. This switch offers state-of-art analytics and telemetry capability built into its next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) platform. The Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe)-ready switch allows a seamless transition to Fibre Channel Non-Volatile Memory Express (FC-NVMe) workloads whenever available without any hardware upgrade in the SAN. This high-density, highly reliable, and scalable, enterprise-class switch is ideal for medium to large departmental SANs. Features …